Do you Really Need a Candle Snuffer?

What is a candle snuffer anyways? It feels like there's an invention for every single little thing. However a candle snuffer is actually the OG of all candle told out there. It is such a useful tool, especially if you are a candle snob and you are an avid scented candle collector.

Unlike birthday candles or long candles used in candle holders, premium scented candles should be treated with lots of TLC. You should never blow out a scented candle, instead you should be using a candle snuffer. It's main objective is to extinguish the candle flame. The top part, which we call the head, keeps the air out from the flame which causes it to extinguish. The best snuffers are the ones that dangle so that you can put out the candle flame from any angle. So when offering a gift of scented candles, do them a favour and get a candle snuffer as well. They will forever be grateful for the thoughtful gift.

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