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The Ultimate Candle Gift Set

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Our 4 best selling scented candles in one perfect gift box to offer to someone (or keep for yourself!). Ideal for anyone who loves to burn beautiful scented candles to set the mood. 

A gift that will impress. Perfect for every occasion.


Gift Set Includes:

  • Atheia Scented Candle (7oz)
  • Opulent Scented Candle (7oz)
  • Dapper Scented Candle (7oz)
  • Effervescent Scented Candle (7oz)
  • Beautiful premium matte black gift box
  • Beautiful blank note card

Atheia Scented Candle:

Let yourself be carried away into an exclusive garden of the finest blossoms with our ATHEIA scented candle. Perfect for flower lovers, this luxury floral scent adds a sense of beauty and bounty to your most cherished space. Its delicate notes of rose, jasmine and lily mingle to form a well-balanced floral bouquet that’s plentiful without being overpowering, leaving you feeling joyful and light.


Opulent Scented Candle:

Revel in the lap of luxury with our OPULENT scented candle, a match for the connoisseur with a penchant for the sensual and indulgent. Nuanced from top to bottom, this premium blend of citrus, geranium, lavender, vetiver and cedarwood is bold yet soft, rich yet light, making it the perfect scent to complement your most lavish soiree — or simply elevate the everyday.


Dapper Scented Candle:

A luxe lounge. A cool cocktail. A hypnotic track. A strong male presence. That’s the mood you’ll set with our DAPPER scented candle each and every time you spark it to life. A blend of musk, sea salt, bergamot and jasmine, the aroma is described as purely, simply, irresistibly masculine. Well suited for anyone looking for a fresh, proper counterbalance to their usual sweet, floral or fruity notes.  


Effervescent Scented Candle:

It’s the scent, sparkle and shine of an Aperol Spritz — in a candle. Our EFFERVESCENT scented candle merges notes of peppercorn, lime, ginger and orange flower to form a light and bubbly aroma that’s as undeniably uplifting as its remote cocktail cousin. Ideal for those who prefer airier fragrances, it’s the perfect choice for setting a carefree climate or complementing an already joyful one. 


Scented Candle Features:

Our candles smell more natural than artificial candles because they are more natural: they’re made from soy wax. That also means they burn longer — and cleaner — than artificial candles, so you can look forward to 100+ hours of botanical bliss.

  • Burn time: 50+ hours - per 7oz candle
  • Made from soy wax
  • Clean and non-toxic
  • Lighter is refillable 
  • Lighter flame is adjustable 


Dispatched From Canada. 


* Our gift sets come in black and ivory deluxe gift boxes. Unless mentioned in the notes section at checkout, we will send out your gift set order in our beautiful matte black gift box. Ivory gift boxes are very limited and cannot be guaranteed.